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Box Stock Project 196cc Engine and Torque Specifications

Posted by ARC Racing on

Type: 4 Stroke OHV single cylinder

Displacement: 196cc (12ci)

Bore and stroke: 68mm x 54mm

Compression ratio: 8.5:1

Oil capacity: 14-16oz full synthetic (racing applications)

Clearances and Dimensions

Piston to cylinder wall: .0035-.0045"

Piston ring end gap: .008-.012"

Crankshaft pin diameter: 1.179-1.180"

Connecting rod: Big end bore 1.1825-1.183", small end bore .709"

Rod to crank clearance: .0025-.003"

Crankshaft end play: .010-.015"

Valve lash: .001-.002"

Piston to cylinder head: .030"

Piston to valves: .050"

Torque Values

Stock OEM connecting rod bolt: 10ft-lb (120in-lb)

Cylinder head bolt: 18ft-lb (216in-lb)

Flywheel nut: 65ft-lb Ultra light: 55ft-lb

Rocker arm lock nut: 7ft-lb (84in-lb)

Sidecover bolt: 17ft-lb (204in-lb)

Exhaust stud nut: 17ft-lb (204in-lb)

Hemi crank and high duration cams

This is regarding the Predator Hemi engine only...The crank shafts in the Hemi engines have a more rounded look to the top of the journal unlike the other Predator or Clone cranks do. This causes a problem when using high duration cams like the Mod2 or F275. The lobe of the cam will hit the [...]

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GX390 Stroker Crank Installation

Clearancing the block and cam when installing our +.200 Billet stroker crank in a GX390. Anytime you install a longer stroke into an engine, chances are you will have to do some minor to moderate clearancing on the block and/or the cam shaft. Depending on the block used there may be different areas that will [...]

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ARC Racing Connecting Rod Installation

This video will show you the proper way we recommend you assemble, gage, and install an ARC billet connecting rod into your Honda/Clone or Predator engine. It will illustrate the ways to use Plastigage and Micrometers to check oil clearance between the rod and crankshaft, as well as, how to correctly torque the rod bolts. 

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ARC Racing Instructional Video Series: Video #1 Billet Flywheel Installation And Ignition Timing

Here is the first tech video in the quarterly series that we plan on producing. They will be based on the products that we manufacture and give recommendations and "how to" tips to all Pro and DIY builders. We will upload them to this Facebook page and to our channel on for your viewing pleasure.

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Clone Stock Appearing Rules

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011Clone Stock Appearing Outlaw RulesThe following rules are something I wrote up last fall for tracks to use as a template for a stock appearing class for the clone engine. Thease rules are intended to allow the average guy to build a powerful yet still durable engine in his own garage [...]

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Low Tension Rings for Box Stock

TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2013 Low Tension Piston Rings for Box StockThe newest hot setup for Box Stock Class engines is to install low tension piston rings. There are a few tricks you should know when using these rings, but if you feel comfortable replacing piston rings, it is easy.For reasons I'll explain below, I recommend [...]

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FTS Tire Treatments

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2011 FTS Tire TreatmentsF.T.S. Fast Tire Solutions Tire TreatmentBy Travis MimsI am often asked which treatment is best for a particular track or situation, and since I am not an experienced racer and have a ton to learn on this subject, I thought I would research F.T.S. and their products and see if [...]

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ARC Dual Bearing Billet Sidecover for GX200/Clone

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 NEW ARC Dual Bearing Billet Sidecover for GX200 and CloneThe long-anticipated 6057 Billet Aluminum Sidecover is now available at $139.98 MSRP. Not only does this sidecover look great, but it adds structural integrity to the block, increasing engine durability.Features include:Side-by-side dual ball bearings for the crank main journal, adds an additional [...]

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6934 ARC High Performance Air Filter Adaptor

FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011 The New 6934 ARC Air Filter Adapter for GX200, GX160, and Clone engines.Here is the new air filter adapter I have been giving y'all sneak peeks of on ARC's facebook. It is for the clone and GX200 type engines.This thing is has been in development for a long time and has [...]

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