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  • 6877 Pulse Inlet Fitting

    Pulse Inlet Fitting These fittings go in the clone valve cover in order to pulse the fuel pump. We sell the valve cover with the fitting already installed as well.

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  • 6899 Angled Air Filter

    The standard angled air filter used in most 4 cycle karting engines. 3-1/2" x 4" with a 20 degree angle. The inside diameter of the mounting flange is 2-7/16". Most OHV kart engines will require an angled air filter! COLOR MAY VARY.

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  • DJ-1136 Muffler Clamp 1 5/16"

    The strongest header clamp available.  If you are tired of your header coming loose or stripping out the threads on the aluminum clamps, this is your answer.  Fits RLV#4104 B91XL(stock) and RLV#4106 B91MO(modified) mufflers for 1 5/16" headers

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  • HL-334WX Carburetor, EC Tillotson

    EC Tillotson 4_Cycle Gas Carburetor.790 Venturi X 1.005 Throttle Bore.790 Bore Gasoline Only HL-334WX Carburetor was design by EC about 2004 for small OHV 4 cycle engines, where a smaller venturi carburetor would be needed. This carburetor was...

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