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Tire Prep

Products in this Category must be shipped UPS GROUND

  • 9841 Track Tac BTGP

    9841 Track Tac BTGP

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - Do you use "goat p" on your tires? "Better Than Goat P" - Red is a product that is safer to handle, better for your tires, and produces almost identical results as "goat p," WITHOUT that nasty smell! Drops durometer 5-35 pts...

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  • 9842 SQS Track Tac

    9842 SQS Track Tac

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - Soft Quick and Sticky! Designed to be used when the temperature falls below 45*. It dries quickly. It will soften some and it makes the tires sticky when cold. Excellent for cold conditions when SAA-Grape is used as a base...

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  • 9844 GK-1 Blue

    9844 GK-1 Blue

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - An almost odorless tire softener that is less aggressive than BTGP-Red. Allows better control in incrementally stepping down the hardness of a tire so you don't go too far too fast. Drops durometer 5-25 pts. depending on the...

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  • 9846 SST5 Purple

    9846 SST5 Purple

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - BITE!!! Not a softener. You need to be careful with this product as too much will lock you down. This prep works great on Maxxis EL tires to get them the bite you want. The original application requires at least 8 days to work...

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  • 9847 Black Sand

    9847 Black Sand

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - A "bite" producing chemical for hot, "dry slick" tracks. When you need something to bite through the dust, that won't overly soften the tire and lock you down. Track Tac® Black Sand is recommended for HOT, DRY, SLICK...

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  • 9848 SAA-Grape

    9848 SAA-Grape

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - A powerful softener with a light grape odor second only in strength to BTGP-Red, but unlike BTGP-Red, it is specifically designed to provide extra sticky tread under cold conditions especially below 45*. To get extra bite when...

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