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Hi Performance Kits

  • 6572-KIT Stroker Kit

    Our Stroker Kit for the Honda GX200, BSP, and Clone engines is the basis for building a +.175" stroker.  This kit saves you more than $40 off the price of buying these items seperately!!! The kit includes: ARC 6573-C Billet Chromoly Stroker...

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  • CH-270HPKIT High Performance Kohler CH270 Kit

    High Performance kit for the Kohler CH270 engine. The kit includes:   * 6270 ARC billet 3.303 rod * 6626 ARC billet flywheel * 6878 ARC GX390 carb adapter * 6929 ARC GX390 carb filter adapter * 6898 Air filter * DJ-1104 Dyno F275 welded cast...

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  • DJ-1014 Box Stock Parts Kit

    Add on parts kit for the clone, predator hemi and non hemi. Choose from the options which kit you need.  The kit includes: Top plate/throttle hookup #DJ-1145B ARC Billet air filter adapter #6934 Choke hold #Dj-1257 Pulse inlet fitting...

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  • DJ-1024 Builder Prepared Parts Kit

    All the parts your need to build your engine into a high performance Builders Prepared Class engine. Turn your 6.5 horsepower Clone/Predator engine into a 14 to 15+ horsepower screamer. Target rpm range is 7500-7800 rpms this modified set up. Please...

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