GX390 Stroker Crank Installation

6th Apr 2018

Clearancing the block and cam when installing our +.200 Billet stroker crank in a GX390. Anytime you install a longer stroke into an engine, chances are you will have to do some minor to moderate clearancing on the block and/or the cam shaft. Depending on the block used there may be different areas that will need to be clearanced. Here are a few pictures showing the main areas that may need to be worked on for the longer stroke in a new style Honda GX390 block. Older blocks may be slightly different. You can also cut up an old OEM sidecover to help get the clearances right. This way you can see inside the engine while the partial sidecover holds the crank and cam in the correct position. You will need to set the crank end play at the amount you are planning on running. Example, if you want .010 then set the end play before you start the clearancing procedure. This is important because you will need to be sure as the crank and cam move back and forth in the engine that your clearances stay the same. If you need any further assistance please call our tech line at 800-521-3560