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ARC Dual Bearing Billet Sidecover for GX200/Clone

8th Oct 2014


NEW ARC Dual Bearing Billet Sidecover for GX200 and Clone

The long-anticipated 6057 Billet Aluminum Sidecover is now available at $139.98 MSRP. Not only does this sidecover look great, but it adds structural integrity to the block, increasing engine durability.

Features include:
  • Side-by-side dual ball bearings for the crank main journal, adds an additional fulcrum point to reduce crankshaft flex.
  • Perimeter O-ring, seals to block
  • 4 dowel-pin holes with solid dowell pins that pick up the additional dowel-pin holes in the block, greatly increases mating shear strength
  • Ball bearing support for the camshaft main, increases strength and minimizes potential for wear
  • Oil drain hole with removable 1/4"NPT plug.
  • 2 Venting/pulse holes at the very top with 1/8"NPT plugs.
  • 2 Oil fill ports with billet aluminum hand-tightened plugs
  • Threaded holes over side dowel-pins so small bolts (included) can be used to push the sidecover for easy removal.
  • Includes bolts and crank seal.